Friday, January 2, 2009

Things I don't understand about California(ns).

Let's assume that I'm somewhat qualified to make snap judgements and over generalizations about the "Golden State". In my 40+ years, I have called Cali my home for 32 (in terms of percentage, that's a big 8-0 for those youngsters following along). I grew-up in a small town in the Mohave Desert. I attended a state university in a college town. I've lived in two large metropolitan areas. I'm married with children, pay taxes, and have even been gainfully employed. I've also lived in the Midwest and what's up with California(ns)?

What's up with parking lots? Why are there so many "compact" spots when they know so many of us drive minivans, suvs and trucks? I see that these smaller spots are caused by planters used to plant trees for shade, but for whom? The employees grab those spots BEFORE you even arrive to shop. Finally, can't the lots just be straight across, two other words a tad boring, but more functional and safer...why not devote more time into architecture of the buildings, and less on the lot!

Why does Cal Trans insist on having "road cookies?"  You know, those yellow semi-circles that make an irritating grinding noise when you drive over them?  You don't find them at higher elevations where driving can be much more treacherous.  Other states with narrower, windier, darker, snowier, two lane highways have painted lines (gasp).  Drivers have actually adapted to use of headlights and safer driving techniques...

Another puzzling phenomenon  is health care insurance (no I won't even attempt to tackle the broken down Medi-Cal system). My question is why do new employees have to wait 90 days (that's 3 months!) to be eligible to sign up for their employer's health care insurance? Huh? My mistake as I thought California was one of the most socially progressive states in the union.......think smoking, seat belt and helmet laws!

Finally, let's talk taxes.......Californians SHOULD have the highest taxes in the United States. Please stop complaining so much that Arnold wants to raise taxes.  Few places on Earth, let alone these United States have such wonderful weather and allow travel from majestic mountains through gorgeous wine country, and finally breathtaking ocean views and sandy beaches....ALL in the same day!  You say what about "Nebraska, Oklahoma or Ohio?" - I think not.  We have fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have San Francisco. We have the ancient redwoods. We have so so much including the incredible weather that most places  only dream about!  Today, it's mid-50's and sunny in Sacramento!

Here's to:  New Years Resolutions - It's the first Saturday of 2009 and I went to Cal Fit and couldn't find an available elliptical machine....that has NEVER happened!

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Legallyblondemel said...

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

As a former Californian & one at heart still, I laughed at this post. The compact spot question is one for the ages, as is the mystery of people going to the gym and circling the lot for the closest spot.