Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reinventing Dad Meme #1

Kat at 3BedroomBungalow was kind enough to customize an interview or what's known in the blogosphere as a Meme. As you know I'm much more of a list man, but thought that this would be a great exercise for Reinventing Dad....questions, plz...........

1. What is the biggest challenge in parenting triplets?

Breaking them apart, treating them like individuals and giving them Mom, Dad or Grandparent one-on-one time. So much of what they know and who they are comes shining through when the other two are not around to influence what they say and do. All three have such unique personalities and will go in three completely different directions (like singletons do) when given the opportunity.

2. What was your proudest moment?

For myself? In looking back many years, I'd say finally graduating from college. I absolutely struggled in my major coursework because I didn't enjoy what I was studying. Business Admin was NOT for me and the numerous poor grades I received were a huge blow to my self-esteem. I should have gone into education or political science. For the youngsters who read this….IF you absolutely don't know what you want to do…go in "Undeclared"…there is no shame in that.

3. What is your favorite quality about your wife?

She's a "Jill of all Trades." What I mean is that she knows a lot about many things (not a little about a few). She is the smartest person I know with the capability to learn and accomplish anything she sets her mind to do..….if only she had more time. In addition, she's very honest and great in the clutch.

4. If you could have any job in the world what would it be and why?

FBI / White Collar Crime division (if there is one). In my final years as a mortgage underwriter in the ever growing environment of mortgage fraud, I found myself doing junior background checks on almost ALL our prospective borrowers. I actually grew to like it and enjoyed busting the brokers' chops.

5. If you had 24 hours with no kids and no responsibilities what would you do?

I'd drive to San Francisco Saturday afternoon with my wife and meet up with some friends (none of them would be MD's, except Mom MD) and have grown-up conversation for a couple hours over dinner and wine at a fine Italian restaurant. We'd sleep in, have a delicious breakfast, walk around, shop and drive home Sunday afternoon….wait a minute, I just did that last weekend! Tremendously good for the soul I might add.

6. Who is your living hero?

I don't have a specific individual although many exist today. Heroes to me are not only those willing to make sacrifices for others (police, fire, military)….a hero may motivate, mentor or sacrifice his/her time and resources to directly impact a person, a group, or a nation for the betterment of planet Earth.


Kat said...

Great answers! Thanks for doing the meme :)

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