Friday, January 23, 2009

Go (Arizona) Cardinals and Kurt

We interrupt this blog for an important sports update - The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. I repeat the Arizona Cardinals are heading to Tampa, FL to battle the favored Pittsburgh Steelers!

Ok, so this is old news. Yep, but it's taken 5 days for this to sink into my head. The Chicago/St. Louis/Arizona football Cardinals have NOT been to a football championship since 1948. They are the football equivalent of baseball's Chicago Cubs. Since 1920, their record is 478-669-39 w/NO championships...........YIKES!

Where am I going with this? First of all, for those outside Pittsburgh who don't know which team to root for in the Super Bowl, please look no further than the Arizona Cardinals...they are the UNDERDOGS, and the feel good sports story of '09. During the regular season campaign, they were 9-7, dubbed the worst team ever to win their division, and were 0 for the East Coast including a major spanking vs. the Patriots. The former "Big Red" were given no chance of beating the Falcons, Panthers or Eagles in the playoffs, but they did.

Need another reason? What about wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, the former water boy of the Minnesota Vikings? He was inspired to work harder at his craft to become the consummate professional he is today.

Ok, again I have to talk about Kurt Warner. In a previous entry I discussed Heroes, role models and diversions. Well, this 37-year old man who will be the third oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl game epitomizes role model. His rise from grocery store stock boy to professional quarterback was the feel good story of Fall 1999 when he was a part of the ''Greatest Show on Turf." The St. Louis Rams scored in buckets on route to an improbable victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Kurt and his wife Brenda's story beyond football is not only fascinating, but inspiring. There is an old passage being sent around the Internet that is not completely accurate, so I double-checked with and have provided an accurate summation of their lives (which is MUCH MUCH better).

Finally, for those in St. Louis...let's look beyond Bidwell's famous 1987 bolt to Arizona. Let's root for the underdogs as the Rams were in 2000. If you can't see yourself to root for the (football) Cardinals franchise, let's pull for Kurt whose real life story tugs at our hearts!


Mike said...

I'm with you and the Cardinals. They looked too good last week to be beat by Pittsburgh. Also it's being held in Tampa, a warm weather state, like Arizona.

Kurt is somebody I've rooted for for years....

Mark said...

Hope you soon find the path right for you. As for the Cardinals: a terrific story this year. Whether they win or lose, Kurt Warner is a great player and greater person who has his priorities in very good order. With that said, I am an optimistic Steelers fan. "Sixburgh" is alive and well. Take care and God bless.

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

I hope things go better for you and your family in 2009. Larry Fitzgerald deserved some more credit.

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It still does not seem real. But glad the Cards made it, even though they could not stop the opponent on the final possession.

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