Monday, January 12, 2009

Spammers are worse than knats!

UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHh, I can't stand it any longer! How in God's green Earth do I rid my inbox of this incessant spammer, the one who anatomically speaking claims he can make me a much happier and more confident fellow. I've been receiving these e -mails constantly since signing-up for Carnival Wi-Fi a few weeks back.

For you much brighter-than-I computer this how he picked up my e-mail address from an unsecured Wi-fi connection? No, et tu don, it isn't what you're thinking either. I did a little checking around and another possibility was the knat picked it up from an unprotected site that lists my e-mail. I googled and that unprotected site would be my high school alumni website which has become so dormant in the past couple years that I'm not even able to contact the webmaster to make changes to my profile (& ELIMINATE my e-mail address).

What's strange too is that the sender of the e-mail is.....ME, not some funky domain from overseas. To combat these messages from H-E-L-L, I've attempted to move them to my SPAM folder. I've also tried deleting them ASAP, replying with nasty language, and kicking/screaming. On my MAC, I've gone into the message, tried to hit the unsubscribe button and a pop-up appears asking for my name, address, etc. to remove my e-mail from the list.....Uh, I don't think so, I've probably gone too far as it is.

So what do I do? Anyone anyone...Bueller...Bueller? (sorry, I couldn't resist the reference to the 80's smash hit). Further articles say eliminating spam remains low on the government's priority list which I'd normally agree with EXCEPT that it's happening to me.

Can anyone help, and NO I'm not giving out my e-mail address...Comment, please.

Here's to: Kurt Warner piloting the Arizona Cardinals to the NFC Championship game! I wish it was Chris Carpenter pitching the St. Louis Cardinals to the World Series, but you can't have everything...and it's the best football story going on right now....who outside of Philly isn't pulling for the Old Big Red?


Josharoo said...

I'm a PC user, but very knowledgeable. You should have some kind of spam settings in your Mac email program that can deal with it. If not, you'll have a rule manager. You can set up a rule like this (for example):

If: "much happier and more confident"
Appears in: Subject
Do What: Send to Deleted Folder

You then add whatever other terms you need to, like “find a woman” or whatever, to the “If:” setting.

The rule manger scans emails as they are downloading from your internet provider and performs the rule as they come in. In Outlook on my PC, I see the email pop in my inbox for half a second and then it's moved to Deleted.

If you have questions, comment back, or comment on my blog. I’ll check back.

A Free Man said...

Apple Mail, if that's what you're using, is usually pretty good about picking up Spam and chucking it in a Junk box. Under Mail - Preferences, there's a tab marked Junk Mail. You can change what the program does with Spam here.

I don't think you can ever get rid of it completely, however...

Thanks for your visit to my site and your comments!

Reinvent Dad said...

Thank you gentlemen, I'm experimenting with a spam filter on outlook (which I have on our laptop, but not on the MAC)...I just have to get more creative with my rules to confound the knat who has numerous subject lines...I'll let you know how it goes.

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