Monday, January 5, 2009


I recently had a revelation about myself and it wasn't too flattering. Just the other day I was standing in line at the Fry's customer service counter waiting (and waiting, AND WAITING) to return a new refridgerator bought out of desperation (different story) and was observing all the customers shopping for new routers, DVDs, HDMI cables (in other words, mostly geeks) when I noticed a guy being helped by a CSR.

I'd say he was 35-45 with a scraggly beard, longish hair, hat, sweat pants/shirt and flip flops. My first thought was "what a slob....I bet he just crawled off the couch after a morning of PlayStation 3...maybe he was trying to master Spider-man: Web of Shadows...." Then, I looked down.....

Yes, Yes, I know that I've gone from shaving once a week to almost once every other week (& on special occasions like visiting the dentist), but c'mon I shower at least once a day and have really tried to NOT go out in public in sweat pants. Since winter began, I rarely wear my Teva's out (except w/socks underneath). In fact, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to improve my overall wardrobe which would contribute to a better appearance in public, right?

Personal hygiene and appearance aside, Brenna actually called me out yesterday at the movie theater for NOT picking up my trash. Now, hold on a minute. I have NEVER ever EVER picked up my leftover $6 bag of popcorn or $4.25 soda...Heck, I didn't even realize that the theaters supplied trash receptacles, but as I was kicking my junk away so the kids could step over the pile of refuse, Brenna said "Uh, uh...people pick-up their trash at the theater." UGGGHHH - WTF?

OK, fast forward to this A.M. I decided last evening that I'd clean up my act. Today, I would S-H-A-V-E without an occasion. I'd also get-up earlier so I could make Mom MD coffee before she jammed off to work. I'd go to the gym and put forth more effort. I'd clean the upstairs including wash and change all the bed sheets. I'd go to the grocery story and purchase healthier foods.

Did I do any of those things? Well, HMMM a couple, partly, I guess. I went to the gym. It's still early so I do plan on heading out to the grocery store and cleaning the upstairs before I pick-up Brenna from school. Ooops, I missed making that first cup of Joe for Mom MD, but it isn't my fault she had to go in to work for early (& she likes to go to Starbucks anyway). I'll shave...later, and those bed sheets are getting more wrinkled in the dryer as I blog....

Perhaps, I better just shoot for tomorrow!


Kat said...

I am all for having men clean shaven. I think it is the by product of having a husband who is in the military. He could grow a mustache, but I think he would look silly with one. Here's to personal hygiene!

Am I doing okay? said...

Oh, yeah. Shower. Putting it at the top of the to-do.