Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Parties

First of all, what a glorious day in Northern California! I believe the mercury hit about 65 degrees F. As you know I refuse to apologize for this or offer sympathy to those in the other 49 states (& let's not forget the D.C. area) as we Californians pay higher taxes in return for 300 + days of sunshine, a savage tan, and additional Vitamin D.

Ok, back to the blog and I promise that this will be shorter and to the point today. HMMM, wait a minute. I'm wondering why I chose the adjacent picture as Alec has a sad look on his face. My best guess is that while we were on the cruise, we told him he couldn't have another dessert.

Anyway, it's one of the more recent pictures we have of the triplets which leads me to my topic. What do you do when all three of your triplets are invited to a birthday party that has two birthday children? This is the case tomorrow and I know what we did, but I'm curious if others handle this quandary in the same manner? Assumption, price per gift is immaterial as total amount of $ spent (for 2 birthday kids combined) is the same whether you purchase 1, 2, 3....x gifts. Therefore, one could spend $1M down to $1. Do you...?

  1. Buy six gifts, wrap them all individually and have each triplet give one gift to each of the two birthday kids?
  2. Buy six gifts, divide them into two bags (one bag for each birthday kid), and give them each a gift bag of three gifts (you may put the "from" for each triplet or just say that each bag of gifts is from all three).
  3. Buy 2 more expensive gifts and label each to one birthday child (from all three triplets).
  4. Buy 1 even more expense gift and label it from the triplets and say it's for both birthday kids to share.
  5. Gift each birthday kid only a card and say you've donated a nice gift in each of their names towards Habitat for Humanity.
  6. None of the above - I have a better idea, dumb dumb.

Let me know what you think...........Mom MD and I had a short debate about this topic (she won), but I'm curious to see what others do in this circumstance. I suppose the scenario doesn't have to be triplets to could be quads to twins...or singletons to quints...or just X siblings to X other any case, there must be some commonly used formula! Anybody know it?

Here's to: Heroes - remember in a previous entry I couldn't cite a specific living hero....well, here's one.........Chelsey B. Sullenberger III, the pilot of the U.S. Airways jet that successfully landed in the Hudson River saving all 155 lives. His dedication to his craft, expertise, preparation and ability to make a decision under extreme duress is not only remarkable and honorable, but a testament to all that is good on Mother Earth.


Always Home and Uncool said...

I'd get each of the tow kids $25 gift certificates for Target or a bookstore. After attending the party, I'd probably need to get myself a fifth of Jim Beam and a six of beer.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Good Lord, triplets? I have no idea...I have a hard enough time with two that are three years apart!

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. I was having a "tired" day managing my two and all their needs...your comment made me smile!

Will be back to read more of your blog!

PS: How odd is it that your word verification right now is reade? I think it's sorta Big Brother. :)

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Just stopping by and checking out your blog. I've already read the temp in California and must say your 65 degrees makes me sick!! But I like your blog so far. The triplet thing blows my mind!! Hang in there :)

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