Sunday, January 4, 2009

Julia's (Sleepwalking) Episode *by Brenna Riley*

Hi it's Brenna-reinventing dad's daughter. Well now my dad knows that one kid in this family sleepwalks-and that is my little sister Julia.

Last night, my dad said that he woke up at about 1:00 am to hear crying. He got up and walked toward the girls' room. Instead, he saw Julia walking up the stairs, crying. She sobbed and said, "Where is Alec and Vivi?" but she was out of it. He said to her, "They're sleeping, Julia," but she acted like she didn't hear him 

 ***NOTE from Reinventing Dad:  Nothing freaks me out more than being awaken from a deep sleep in the middle of the night. Alec has sauntered into our bedroom a few times, but somehow I've always "sensed" his presence.  No one I've slept with (that didn't come out right) one who has been sleeping under the same roof with me at the same time (a roommate, kids, guests, etc.) has EVER been known to sleepwalk...but Ju Ju was walking up the stairs (in the dark) when I found her crying.......bizarre....anyone have experience with sleepwalkers?  I did speak to her, but quickly and gently put her back to bed...that was it!

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Sabrina said...

my daughter does this, but she has night terrors. She will start screaming MOMMY very loudly in the middle of the night followed by running out the door and screaming again in the hall. when I go to her, she continues to cry and talking to her only upsets her more. Her doctor said it's sort of like she's on auto-pilot-her body is moving but there's nobody "behind the wheel". All I can do is comfort her until she fully wakes (usually about 20 minutes) then she's fine, happy, and says "Hi Mommy". It's really bizarre!