Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday morning before first cup of joe.

I'm going off the cuff this a.m. before my morning coffee which is a feat in of itself.  I ran down a short time ago and starting a fresh pot.  It's a clear Saturday morning and Amy is in-house doc today after being on-call (with beeper last night).  The beeper went off quite often I might add so my fuse will be a bit short today.

Alec dressed himself socks first, then shirt, then underwear, and finally pants.  He's not happy with the green pants I chose because they don't fit "too right", so I've sent him back into his room to retrieve a new pair.  He chose the camouflage swishy pants which doesn't quite match his blue Small Paul shirt, but oh well.  

Vivi and Juju played "camp out" in their room using Alec's blue comforter as a tent, but after deciding to change the tent into a pool and jump from their beds, I ENDED the game.   They've found some clothes in their ill assorted closet, and have dressed themselves (except I did help Vivi with her tights).

Time to go downstairs and drink some coffee....I NEED it!  They've shouted that they found "Clarky" the elf somewhere in the kitchen.  We'll have breakfast.  I'm the short order chef you know.  Eventually Bren will drag herself out of bed and I'll ask her if the tooth fairy came as she lost a molar last night.  She'll then grab a bite to eat and we'll all head off to the gym.

This is our morning routine when Mommy is "Dr in the Box."  We'll try to visit "mommy's hospital" at lunch, then naps, treat, games, etc....Gotta go as they'll probably want me to sort out the dinosaurs in the Kirkland vitamin jar...they like the "long necked" ones for some reason...enjoy  your weekend.

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Josh said...

I know what you mean, trying to do anything before your first cup, can be hazardous to EVERYONES health... set up the night before, then all you need to do is push a button, go to the john, and by the time your done... coffees on!