Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alec Advice

Reinventing Dad needs some help. Can someone offer some advice as to how to keep my very observant four and one-half year-old son Alec from making a (loud) comment about individuals who for lack of better words might look a bit different from his family and friends.

I mean I've heard everything from "look dad, he's little" when referring to a little person to "dad, look at his beard" when referring to a young guy with a fu manchu style moustache. Of course, in the latter story, Julia chimed in with her opinion "I don't like it."

This was mildly embarrassing when he was really little, but not when he's four (& looks older). I've tried explaining to him that he shouldn't say things about people. I've tried creating a diversion before he sees a person of "interest" like "Alec, look at the car like Mommy's." Nothing seems to work.

Perhaps, he'll grow out of this before I can come up with a solution, but I'm really dreading the first time I have to take him into the men's locker room at the gym.

Here's to a fantastic win last night by the Sacramento Kings over the Lakers....I'm sorry I missed it, but I had committed myself to watching the "Biggest Loser" - I know there is a joke in there somewhere!

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