Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Mazatlan

Hi Everyone - Merry Christmas from the Carnival Pride! It's day 5 and Christmas in sunny Mazatlan and we're having a wonderful time eating, swimming, eating, shopping, eating, reading, sleeping, relaxing, and did I mention..EATING? Ok, old joke. Sufficed to say, it has been so much fun, and we still have three days to go.

The triplets and Brenna awoke this morning to stockings hung in Grandma M's room down the hall. Mom MD & I were circling the room with camera and video camera in hand trying to capture the event. Brenna was most excited about her new little video camera. Alec loves his spiderman watch. Vivi, oh THAT Vivi put on all her bracelets and necklaces. JuJu just wanted to make sure no one took any of her candy.

Now, Reinvent Dad is typing fast and frantically as there aren't too many things more expensive than Carnival WiFi (& oh it's much slower than WiFi back in the states). So please excuse the poor grammer and spelling. Mom, Grandpa D and the Grandmas are out shopping in town. The triplets and Brenna are doing fun Camp Carnival activities. I'm going the go read that John Adams book that I started reading in June.

Here is wishing and my family, friends and whoever else might check out my blog, the safest and healthiest holiday season....I'll see you all soon with (hopefully) some pictures and video :)

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