Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back from the cruise, my girth and '08 reflections.

We're B-A-C-K and happy to be home bound for awhile. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise with the nice weather, shopping, relaxation, shows, kids, etc., but now it's time to wrap up '08, and look forward to '09.

Not to belabor the whole eating-thing on cruises, but I swear you don't have a chance of not packing on a few pounds. I told myself to cut down on the rolls (that they bring you before EVERY meal), and not eat red meat for dinner every night (but I did each eve with the exception of lobster night). I didn't eat any pastries except the occasional nibbling off the kids' and when I went to the 24-hour ice cream station, I only ate the frozen yogurt! I even worked out 4 days in addition to the Saturday BEFORE we left, but...........alas I gained five pounds. Perhaps the first clue should have been when I was eating those complimentary chocolate chip cookies on the way home while seated on the plane, and I dropped a couple. Instead of them rolling down into my lap (like they used to)....they only made it half-way down!

As 2008 drifts off into the sunset (I'm guessing that there will be a sunset, but I just can't see it with all the fog in the valley).....I'm (again) thinking how fortunate I've been to have such an awesome family and group of friends. It has also been quite a different year from years past both at home and in the world we share.

  1. The Rileys didn't move in 2008....we'd moved in 1992 (2X), 1993, 1994, 1996 (2x), 2000 (2x), 2002, 2004, & 2007.
  2. I didn't EARN a dime...yes the EDD kept extending the employment insurance, but I didn't do anything except to work in previous years to deserve it.
  3. I didn't do a lick of yard work...paid someone else to do it, but I DID do a ton of housework...didn't pay anyone to do that.
  4. I began '08 in tremendous back pain (could barely walk), but will end '08 pain free (until tomorrow morning of course, but it doesn't count because it will be '09).
  5. Two people I knew took their own life...a friend who had always kept in touch, and a high school classmate - both females in their 40's with alot to live for...breaks my heart.
  6. Americans elected our first African American (I consider him multi-racial), but I agree the U.S. needs to head in a different direction in so many ways. Hopefully Barack Obama will make an impact.
  7. I went to just as many concerts/events as I did sporting events...3 to 3! Uh, and NO Kings games.
  8. A year ago I didn't know what any internet terms meant like blog, wiki, html, etc....
  9. I turned 40! YIKES....won't do that again.

I wish everyone the best, safest, healthiest, and wealthiest '09 !!!!


Et tu, Don said...

Damon, was it Amiee Pohl that took her life? I noticed that she past away this Spring (May perhaps).

Reinvent Dad said...

Don, yes and it was a bit eerie to go to her myspace page.