Monday, December 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Well, I am way past due on my Halloween pictures, but I thought better late than never. As you can see, we had a "Puss n boots", a "Pocahontas", and a "Show White" among the triplets, and for the second time in her 10 years (& first time since 1st Grade, Brenna went as a witch.

This year we had our traditional Halloween pizza from Papa Murphy's with Mom, Gabe and Grammy Karen in attendance.

I don't believe we had quite the crowds of trick-or-treaters as in previous years which probably was attributed to Halloween on a Friday night, and/or threat of rain. We also had quite a few neighbors who were Halloween scrooges.

Brenna went out with her friend Shelby this year.

I doubt that you'd have to "Pray for mercy" from this guy, he's a pussy cat.

Here's to keeping the spirit of Halloween alive for future generations.

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