Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Motivation for my new blog

After several entries I believe it is time to take a couple much needed steps backward (in a good way) to introduce my wife, mother of four, and motivation for my new blog...Amy.

My identity in recent years has been defined as the spouse of a physician, and father of triplets. Since the triplets were born in June 2004, most conversations with new acquaintances had (or should had) begun with "yes my wife is a doctor, and yes we have let's please discuss something else like the weather, sports, politics, etc."

As I've discussed in previous entries...2008 has presented me with an opportunity to reinvent myself. Part of this process is taking inventory to not only find out what is missing, but more importantly what is already present. A comprehensive count often requires one to move objects, to get down on all fours, to climb ladders, and to get dirty. Metophoricaly speaking, the treasures of my life I have or have rediscovered are remarkable and I feel extremely blessed......

Thoughts of why has evolved into why not. Why not embrace what is central to your life that which makes you....well you, right? I'm proud of my family. They are an everchanging reflection of me. True, they define me and my role within the family has evolved and my daily duties are radically different, but now that's O-K with me. Amy has taught me that.

Amy's example has forever changed my outlook on life, who I am and where I may be going. Her determination and positive mental outlook have helped her through numerous life challenges including getting into and through medical school. Once she's decided on a course of action, she never waivers or gives up. She is dedicated to family, friends and her profession and from what I hear, she's a good surgeon....that's one aspect of her life that I'm not able to witness.

Future entries will discuss Amy's interactions with the lovely Brenna, and the lively four-year olds but I wanted to provide a bit of background on who has inspired me to start my blog.

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