Monday, September 29, 2008

What's Important to our Future.........the children!

I've always accused myself of living in the past.  I still think about high school sporting events, parties and some crazy antics that my friends & I pulled off in our small desert hometown. In recent years as Amy and I have frequently moved throughout the country changing addresses, employers and bringing children into the clan, I've often found myself living in the present, not for the present.  To be cliche, I take it "one day at a time" with little eye for my future except perhaps I would retire young, live long, and have lots of time and money. 

OK,  now fast forward to the present...September 29th 2008.  I'm now not only thinking about the future, I'm dreaming about it!  I suppose this was the result of so many events coming together in such a short period of time including becoming unemployed, back surgery, changing routines, and turning 40.  With a family, though, I've totally changed what I understand is my focus for the future. It is NOT only about me....I want what is best for my kids.

Sure, I want them to respect themselves and others. I'd be tickled if they graduate from the finest universities (on scholarship, of course), and are hired by the best American corporations (hopefully, there will be a few remaining in 20 years).  The 700 billion dollar question, however, is what can I do to give them a chance for a better future? 

Beyond giving constant love, guidance and setting a good example, and at present helping Alec make sure his shirt and pants face the right direction...what else do I need to do?  What about current events affecting the country? Does the presidential candidate who I vote for make a difference?   Will either Obama or McCain make good on any of their campaign promises?

Truthfully, as of late both parties get my blood boiling, but which candidate will be best for my children (& for ALL children in our country)?  My answer is both...or neither. It does not really matter. I'm tired of hearing that Obama wants more programs and McCain wants to cut taxes. I want one of them to stand up and say "everything I'm doing is for our children and grandchildren...not for me...I've lived a good life...time to think of future generations."

Obviously, this would include fixing the healthcare system to provide quality preventative medicine for all children, a sound educational model from pre-school through college, and eliminating the gigantic national debt. While we're at it, let's solve the rampant drug problem, obesity and lack of personal responsibility and integrity that has been diminished in recent years.  Of course, it almost goes without saying.....we all need to be much more G-R-E-E-N!

Wishful thinking...YES!  However, if I do my absolute best to raise them to be upstanding citizens and teach them to plan and prepare for their future....I know that is all I can dream (& hope) for as we move into the 21st century.

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