Friday, September 19, 2008

10 year old girl....who you might want to meet? *by Brenna Riley*

Hi I'm 10 years old and I'm the daughter of "reinventing dad". You might of heard about me from his article, "technology and the 10 year old girl". My dad's a really cool guy. We've always had a really special bond.
Since my mom worked a lot, (and still does) I didn't see her that much. So I was with my dad a lot. He's the perfect dad. He is a very strong man. About eight months ago, my dad had a seriously injured back and couldn't even get out of bed. He was so strong and brave, it amazed me. I had terrible dreams that he was going to die. but luckily, the surgery went well and he is a lot better now. His back rarely hurts anymore, and if it does, it's only mild pain. I love him so much. I look up to him
I know everyone thinks parents are just here to make your life miserble, but they're not. I can't imagine life without my dad. He's a big part of my life. I now try not to say, I hate you, or get out of my life, or your stupid to him when we argue. Because I don't hate him. He's my big fluffy teddy bear when times are tough. He's my jester when times are dreary. He's my favorite boy in the whole world. I'll always love him. I know that will never change. I love my dad!!! He's my best friend!!!!!

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