Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What to do with the 2nd Half of My Life

All right, let's get this web log started. For me, this marks my very first journal entry ever (after what was required in elementary school, of course).

I have a few reasons to begin this forum. First of all, I love to write. I was a journalism major for a couple semesters in college (in between accounting and management), but mostly I enjoy creative writing. I want to discuss those issues that I hold dear including family, and being the father of triplets + 1 quirky 10-year old girl. Speaking of that "big sister", I will ask for her input for this blog as she is more net savvy than I.

Most of all I want to learn more about myself. I'm soliciting the advice of strangers (& perhaps someday friends) who might provide suggestions as to which course a (gasp) 40-year man should take after being laid off from the shrinking housing industry. I'm fortunate that my wife is gainfully employed, and I have the luxury of time to sort out the dilemma.

So, stay-at-home dad or back to corporate America? In 2008, a dad staying home with his kids is still quite uncommon. Businesses target "mom" as the decision maker for purchases both big and small. Websites like cafemom.com aren't too inviting to dads seeking advice on parenting or hoping to form neighborhood play groups. On the other hand, corporate America is cut throat and job opportunities are disappearing. The mortgage business has imploded and won't recover anytime in the near future. HMMM, what about door #3?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Damon,
I can relate at age 39+... except I'm going from 10 years as SAHM to working mom. Well hopefully, my first two interviews set for next week. It took me a year of thinking about returning(ie. no action). After reviewing every new job search email, I kept thinking there must be a more enjoyable way to make money?? Because there is not much that beats being with your kids! Your blog looks great -- keep it up. My tip: buy a "Strengths Finder" book. It takes you to an online assessment that id's your strengts and from there you can get creative thinking about ways to combine and maxamize what you do best. My best to you and family, Lisa