Thursday, September 11, 2008

Technology and the 10-year old girl.

OMG....TSNF! Such is the language of the next generation where text messaging and instant messaging have replaced the "archaic e-mail" of my generation. Forget "snail mail" - only to be used in desperation (when the internet is down) or during the holidays. This is the life of my daughter Brenna who happens to be a 10-year old 5th Grader, not a high schooler or college student.

Her interest in computers began when she was six on my old Gateway. A sandwich shop back in West Hartford, CT named D'Angelo gave away computer games with kids meals. Her love for the meatball sandwiches were eventually surpassed by her desire for more games which lead to the internet and various children's sites.

The latest destination on the web for young girls or "tweens" is "Miley's World" - you know the almost 16-year old star of "Hannah Montana" the one parents can't get away from whose continuous barrage of products on TV and EVERY store make you want to find the nearest tall building and JUMP! She chats with presumably other young gals and they perform make believe plays and discuss "girly" issues.

When I mentioned to Bren that I was going to start a blog because this is the latest on-line craze, she said "oh I started one a couple years ago." But after checking out my blog, she actually thought it was pretty cool and will start one of her own soon. Lucky break for me!

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