Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dad, How tall will I be?

I swear I can NEVER anticipate what Brenna will be into from one week to another...absolutely impossible. Back when she was four and more predictable, like most girls she loved the Disney Princesses. Fast forward to age 10 1/2 and her interests include The Jonas Bros, Harry Potter, her scooter, dancing and Miley's World.

I suppose like most 'tweens in anticipation of those not so distant teen years she's wondering just when and how much her body will grow. Typical of inquisitive Brenna seeking more definitive answers to all of life's questions beyond the "I'm not sure" of her parents, she runs to Yahoo Answers or Google for help.

This weekend she received news that caught her completely off guard which quite frankly made her Mom and I laugh hysterically. At just a tad below 5', Brenna decided that she wanted to know how tall she would be when she grew up, and of course she found a "Height Predictor" site (attached) that calculated a child's adult height given current height, weight, age, parents' height, etc.

Even though she is somewhere in between the 80th and 90th percentile for 10-year old girls (another day of research), Brenna was stunned to learn that she would be the shortest person in our family at only 5'7" even looking up someday at little Vivian (estimated final height at 5' 9"- equaling Mom). Right now our "Little One" is three inches shorter than Julia (46", 49 lbs), and two inches less than Alec (45", 47 lbs).

Wow, what a turn of events! Perhaps Brenna will decide to be a tad more respectful to the "little" triplets who might someday stare down at her. On second thought, probably not, I am 6'5" and can only dream about receiving more respect from my first born as a result of my vertical presence.

By the way, if you're wondering about Julia and Alec. Julia who currently is about the height of an average six-year old would be about 6 feet tall when all is said and done. Believe it or not, Alec might end up at 6' 6" and Reinvent Dad's dream would be for an accurate jump shot and athleticism. Unfortunately, no one has developed a "Good Basketball Player Predictor."

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