Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brenna's Braces, Baseball and Beyond

Brenna is so excited! Her orthodontist gave her the most incredible news this A.M. that her braces would be coming off in 8 weeks (target date is December 15th).

No more rubber bands. No more tongue restrainer. No more reluctance to smile!

Now, she may finally have her favorite snack back >>>>>> popcorn. I just ask that she stop bugging me about putting braces back on my teeth.

I've been there, done that as a youth. Unfortunately, the extraction of my wisdom teeth caused some teeth to shift a bit. Oh well, if Freddie Mercury could belt out "Under Pressure" and Stephen King can write scary novels without the benefit of straight teeth, reinventing Dad can quietly live his life with a few dental imperfections.

Speaking of the "King of Horror".....I would have loved to have had his seat the past couple games at Fenway. Just watching the Rays and the league's second lowest payroll with a cast of unknowns crush the ball "wicked hawd" over the Green Monster over and over again would have put a huge smile on my face.........this time, however, the smile belongs to Brenna as she is about to complete one of those not-so-exciting obstacles of childhood.

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