Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reinventing Dad: Frugal...or......Cheap?

Amy says that I'm cheap.  Perhaps someday she might build a compelling case.  At present, however, I'm calling myself "frugal" as it implies that I've embraced "smart living."  After re-reading a previous post a few dozen times in which I discussed the conserving of resources and the quest to be "Green", I theorized that perhaps I'm heading in this direction as a result of #1 "Too much time on my hands" and #2 "That I'm a tad frugal..or cheap?"

I can not refute item #1, but how about #2?  Sure everyone wants to save cash on daily expenditures, reduce waste, and recycle, but am I taking it a bit too far?  I had some feedback that I was a tad "preachy" on the previous article, so I'll step down off the soapbox and present a run down of recent frugal/cheap moments during the few weeks. You be the judge....

Coupons - How about the buy one entree / get one entree for free deal? I search high and low for such discounts in Sunday's paper, online or via mailed ads.  Yesterday, Amy and I enjoyed such a bargain at a local restaurant named MAS.  What made the deal most exciting (& very uncommon nowadays) was the fact that we didn't have to purchase 2 beverages which in truth add about 40% to the bill (soft drinks, not spirits).....Bonus = Free chips/salsa....frugal or cheap?

Grocery Store - One of our local grocery stores, Safeway, was giving flu shots and providing 10% off that day's purchases.  After discovering that my insurance covered 100%, I went ahead and got my shot....Bonus = I saved about $6 off the bill, and also qualified for 20 cents per gallon discount on my next fill-up at a Safeway gas station (any purchase over $50 at the time)....frugal or cheap?

Laundry - I've been washing traditionally hot loads in warm,  warm in cold, and cold in cold + reducing the running time for the washing machine. As far as drying...hanging up everything except triplet clothes, socks and underwear. I tried putting towels outside, but was told that they dried "too stiff." Bonus = Unknown, just using less energy....frugal or cheap?

HMMMM, after re-reading this article...perhaps I should add "weird" or "strange" as a choice...more to follow.

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LiteralDan said...

Stay strong, brother! Even though it may be hard to be frugal sometimes, such as when using a coupon at a restaurant, the dividends are worth it in the long run.

The Safeway deal was quite a coup.

And on one point, I have to say your wife is right-- air-dried fabrics ARE kinda stiff, for some reason. I don't really understand it.

That shouldn't stop you, of course, unless it becomes a deal-breaker and you lose her cooperation on other habits.