Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tripletisms II

So what are the triplets into these days you ask? My answer remains "anything and everything." Today is their unofficial four and one-half year birthday, and no I'm not getting them anything. I don't want to spoil Christmas. I have to give Clark the Elf an opportunity to do his magic (see Elf on the Shelf blog).

HMMM, let's expected, they remain extremely close, but have very different personalities.  They have their own vocabulary - "Kezert" is a dessert, "Krispie" is a frisbee. Here is the latest. 

1.  Nicknames: Bubby, Mr. Man, Man Cub, Blond Boy
2. Favorite Foods: corn dogs, fish sticks, pears, bananas, oatmeal
3. Friends: Noah, Trey, Sammy
4. Lives for: Sammy coming for a visit,  a chance to go fishing, a ride on a quad
5. Favorite places: North Dakota farm, Petsmart, McDonalds, St. Anna preschool, Cal Fit, Honey Treat Yogurt, Raley Field.
6. Dislikes: moths, loud noises, change of  plans.
7. Loves: trains, cars, his Daddy (haha), playing ball, coloring, Halloween, The Mall.
8. Recently said: "Daddy, can I hold the gun when we shoot the turkey?"
*Traits: Rules boy, great memory, inquisitive, detailed.

1. Nicknames: JuJu, Juju Fruit, Mini Me's Mini Me.
2. Favorite Foods: CANDY, CANDY & more CANDY, spaghetti w/no sauce, burritos, kids energy bars, apples, strawberries.
3. Friends: Bella, Trey and Sammy.
4. Lives for: Candy, Halloween, Mommy time, adventure, tumbling, playing w/Grandpa's dog Daisy.
5. Favorite places: North Dakota farm, Wendy's, St. Anna's,  San Francisco, Bishops Pumpkin Farm, "Mommy's Hospital"
6. Dislikes: house with no candy, being yelled at or teased, combing her hair, not being able to chose her own clothes.
7. Loves: Candy, her siblings, her scooter, dogs, snack bags.
8. Recently said: "Alec, you are a crazy old Maurice"
*Traits: Independent, nurturing, loving, athletic.

1. Nicknames: Goo, Goolish, Little One, AsIffer, Vivikins.
2. Favorite Foods: Mac & Cheese, Chicken nuggets, cheerios, watermelon.
3. Friends: Kylie, Mia, Sammy.
4. Lives for: being read to by Grandma Jan, imaginative play, games, Barbie.
5. Favorite Places: ND Farm, Las Vegas, Honey Treat Yogurt, The Fountains.
6. Dislikes: Lost glasses, bedtime and naps, getting dressed
7. Loves: Lamby, stuffed animals, books, dress-up, The Princesses, cuddling.
8. Recently did: Breast feed Lamby at the dinner table.
*Traits: Quick wit, sweet, friendly, creative.

Here's to not having to watch another Sacramento Kings loss until at least Saturday.  How can you lose 7 in a row at Arco and 10 out of the past 11? The poor Sac Bee beat writer is running out of ideas to describe near victories.  Ugh, at least the triplets aren't into basketball yet because they'd probably start rooting for the Lakers or Celtics.  

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