Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A not-so-good Idea

Why is it that I come up with the best ideas for a new entry when I'm either in the shower, at the gym, or in the car? This predicament totally bums me out as I have such fascinating topics and ideas that I'd be thrilled to share with you if I could only keep them stored in my pee brain until I'm in front of a computer. I know you're rolling your eyes and I am too, but on the way home from the gym this morning I wondered why hasn't an automaker come up with a way to allow you to text message over your car's blue tooth? By the way (BTW), if your favorite texting symbol is OMG or if you use capital letters, then I've been told you're either too old or trying too hard (or both).

I had another idea that I ran by Brenna the other day that I thought was mind blowing. As some of you may already know, I like to sing in times of great happiness (or drunkenness), or when I'm stressed (home bound with the triplets). In fact, by my sixth and final year of college I was finally able to shed the "Babe" nickname from high school to one that made a tad more sense "Nickelodeon." Not that I'm a good singer, nor could I tell you the difference between a melody, minstrel or molto. What I do enjoy is switching around and making up new lyrics to various songs.

So? My idea was to create a website in which the visitor picked a song, answered a couple questions about themselves, and told me what their current mood was and I'd put together a personalized jingle. For example, say you picked "Alone" by Heart (I'm a child of the 80's), you're a mortgage underwriter (in a past life) who is overworked, tired, and frustrated. Can you remember the tune, perhaps you still have the CD.........?

"I see you submitted a not-so-good loan, I'm reviewing it but my decision is unknown"
"I'm deciding if I should approve or toss away...I don't believe the man even intends to pay"
"But the sales department is on my tush and I clearly have no directive from President Bush"
"A Loan"

You get the idea...I hope...maybe not. This is the clean version (think of a pop 2-Live Crew song of the early 90's for the other version). Anyway, as you might have guessed, Brenna shot this one down! She said no one would go for this, "think again Laundryman." Oh well, back to the shower, car or gym for another idea.......stay tuned.

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