Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cards

This week has been designated as "Get the Freakin' Christmas Letters Out" week as we soon will be going on holiday. After ordering 100 prints on Snapfish and receiving our delivery last week, we finally started the arduous process last evening with Mommy doing the majority of the work while Reinventing Dad made sure all I's were dotted and T's crossed.
Even without writing the traditional Holiday (Brag) Letter, it's time consuming and I can see why people decide to skip it some if not all years. This afternoon I decided to tackle more letters thinking that I'd make a huge dent (& the Biggest Loser Finale is on this evening). Truthfully I was also a bit concerned that the post office might have some difficulty deciphering Mommy MD's writing. Unfortunately, I'm NOT as neat as I thought I was, but I completed 13 more cards (mostly to my side of the family and friends).
This picture was up for consideration to be on our annual card, but JUST missed the final cut.............Oh, and as far as the "Brag" letter is concerned..I'm just kiddin' I truly like to hear what everyone is up to. In fact, I'm jealous as I've never been able to write a good one.

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