Saturday, December 6, 2008

How long could I go without using the internet?

I've been wondering how long I could go without hitting my big browser button and surfing the Internet.  I probably check my e-mail every couple hours, and I'm always perusing my favorite sites for latest breaking news stories.  Oh my, CNN is just reporting that President-elect Barack Obama will nominate retired Gen. Eric Shinseki to be secretary of Veterans Affairs, a Democratic source confirms.  See what I mean, now I know this tidbit before 99% of the population, but how can I use this info?  Truthfully in most situations it doesn't matter, but sufficed to say the 'net is so addictive.

Blogging as you well know has become my latest Internet addiction.  I can commiserate with others in similar situations (e.g. Sacramento Kings fans, parents of triplets, oppressed At-Home spouses).   Prior to blogging, I played fantasy baseball (a 2008 & 2007 League Champion thank you very much).  Prior to fantasy baseball, I bounced from site to site searching for info on google or visiting various forums including the triplet connection.  I remember looking to see which TV programs had "jumped the shark" or what was the real truth behind the mysterious series "Lost."

In fact, at one time I actually used the Internet for work purposes.  We had numerous "detective" sites to check out those applicants hoping to obtain the coveted 100%,  investment, stated, option arm loan.  Memories.....stories for a different day!

What's next? I still don't have a myspace, facebook or youtube account (Brenna does).  Shall I twitter?  That doesn't seem too exciting to me. Reminds me of when cell phones first came out and you'd call someone to say "right now, I'm driving down the street..oh I just passed a McDonalds.  Wow,  look the Johnsons have their Christmas decorations up now...yacky yack yack..".....until, of course your battery ran out.

Honestly with so much going long could I go without using the Internet?  I suppose the answer is similar to the 70's commercial "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"......"The world will never know."

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