Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December '08 *Update*

I woke up this morning thinking a lot about my original intentions to create a blog to assist in determining which direction to take my life, family and career. What had become increasingly apparent in recent months was how little I missed working in an office. Sure I missed some people, but not the politics and BS associated with corporate America.

I have had some good suggestions from friends and family. Some have mentioned going back to school to get my teaching credential, one suggested going to IT Tech, and still others said follow your passions or hobbies. I know if my Dad was still alive, he'd have given me an updated version of "What Color is Your Parachute?"

My heart was never into getting another "job" and therefore, I never devoted too much time to a job search. Most of my colleagues were able to find employment after the layoffs in 2007 for which I'm very thankful. Currently, my intention is to remain an "At Home" Dad for the foreseeable future and continue my blog and hopefully eventually start a website devoted to all fathers (young, old, at-home, working, married, divorced, gay, Democrats, etc.).

Please, let me know if you have suggestions for my new site (or for Reinventing Dad). I have a few thoughts that I've jotted down.

Thanks so much for coming to my blog and the next entry will have more to do with family then with me. I promise.
Here's to being thankful that I listened to my father's advise while going off to college to "not let school get in the way of my education"

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