Friday, June 26, 2009

Twitter is lame

I'll admit that I've been away for awhile. I mean mentally, not physically. In fact, I haven't ventured more than 10 miles from home in a few weeks. I have that bizarre feeling like I often experience in heart-pounding nightmares where I'm in college, I stop going to class, and then have to play catch-up the last week of the semester, write term papers and cram big-time for finals.   Ultimately, I fail.

In other words, when I drift away from the blogosphere after a period of just a few days, the effort to return to "form" would be a swimmer's equivalent of swimming from Fisherman's Wharf to Alcatraz and back while doing the butterfly with one arm in 20 degree choppy water (You get the idea).  Of course when I don't post, then I don't feel worthy to visit fellow bloggers' sites.  Yadda yadda yadda, you get the gist. 

So in the past few days while avoiding the blogosphere, I did venture over to Twitter.
You've heard of it, correct? - the latest and not-so-greatest social networking site.  If you had been watching CNN the past several days (prior to yesterday), ALL that you would see were the "tweets" reportedly coming out of Iran.

Anyway, so my daughter asked me to join up.  I refused for a couple weeks as I truly wasn't interested.  Seemed like Twitter had taken over for what cell phones had become in recent years...the "Hey, yep, now I'm driving through Mickey D's and ordering a freakin' Happy Meal...and I was just blowing my nose"  - like I really care.

So I caved and joined and jumped through this hoop and that hoop.  Finally came time to add people and guess what?  I found two people that I know.  I didn't look too hard, but geese!  Now after a few days, I have something like eight people "Following" me who I do not I'm wondering why?  Guess why? Wonder why?  Here's why....they decide to follow you, and when you go back to see who the heck they are, they share a website to market some product.  

What is the Twitter name for "spam?"  Twam?  Interestingly enough if you check out one of your followers, you'll notice that they have NO one following them and they are following 900 people......I think it's beyond creepy.  

Even beyond creepy, and a bit frightening, I wonder if people are actually "Tweeting while driving?" OK, perhaps I'm being a bit harsh.  Maybe, not.  For now, until I can find a use for Twitter, I'm just going to call it "lame."


Employee No. 3699 said...

"What is the Twitter name for "spam?" Twam?"

Or maybe it's Spitter?

A Free Man said...

Lame about sums it up. I've got no interest.