Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear So and So.....Numero Uno

Good morning to all creatures in the Blogosphere - I'm going to grab an idea from Kat and try out the "Dear So and So" on this beautiful Friday.


Dear JuJu,

Oh why do you get up so early? Daddy, Mommy, your siblings and the preschool try so hard to wear you out the previous day with the hopes that you'll sleep in past 5:30AM. Even so somehow and someway you are so determined to crawl out of bed, tap the rooster on the shoulder and hand me the remote to turn on the Disney Channel.

Hugs and Kisses (and perhaps a big present if you sleep in tomorrow)

R.E. Dad and Mom MD

Dear (Former) life insurance company,

Thank you so much for advising us in such a kind and pleasant tone that you were denying our request to reinstate our term life insurance policy that was cancelled in error by our financial adviser's office. Honestly, it made me feel so much better that your representative over the phone explained that we could have just allowed our premium payments to lapse for six months and our policy would still have been in place. That's a great lesson for the kids. It's OK to be irresponsible towards your obligations, but when an error or mistake is made by someone else....consequences are nonnegotiable and severe.

Thanks for nothing, Jackass Respectfully,

R.E. Dad and Mom MD

Dear Hermie the Crab,

I love taking you out of your cage and letting you crawl around on the kitchen table. I've noticed that when I'm holding you in my hand that sometimes you like to "pinch me." Is it because I'm stressing you out and you would prefer to just hang out on your plastic plants instead. Please let me know. Maybe you just don't like me. Either way, please let me know because it might not be too late to beg Mommy and Daddy to get me a better pet.

Your Pal,


Dear "Golden" State in which I reside,

Thank you so much for reducing the allowable exemption for dependents by $210 per child. Honestly, I was beginning to feel a tad guilty about the piles of money that I was receiving in tax refunds each year. So, with the higher taxes that we'll be paying, am I to assume that our schools will improve and perhaps that you'll hold the line on state college tuition increases?


Big Daddy with Big Family in Big State.

Done for now.

Dear So and So...


Lisa said...

At least all she does is hand you the remote. My kid tends to be the most obnoxious kid ever. Climbs into bed and brushes your hair, walks her fingers over your face, puts fingers in your mouth. ALL. WHICH. IS. AWESOME!

Michele said...

How about I send over my Goldendoddle? She would make a great 5am babysitter. She could share her massive amount of dog toys with JuJu instead of me. I hope that JuJU doesn't mind the fact that the dog thinks that putting her toys in your mouth is how you want to handle them.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Saucy said...

I always enjoy the Dear So and So posts... I might have to cook one up!

Lani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love to see parents of older multiples, so I'll check back in with your as well!
If you want to connect with more families with multiples, I have another blog you'll like:
Today's guest blogger is another triplet dad!

Captain Dumbass said...

I hear ya on the alarm clock. My youngest is up every day at 6:30 on the dot every. freakin. day.

The Stiletto Mom said...

You have got to be kidding on the life insurance. Well...I'm sure you are not. When I had Miss G, they tried to stick me with a 10k hospital bill because I accidentally sent in a payment that was off by $7.00 or so. Thankfully, they ended up having pay.

Happy Father's Day!

A Free Man said...

Man, I would kill for the chance to sleep past 7:00 one morning.

Happy Father's Day, by the way.