Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey it's R.D. Daughter! Comment?

Hey it's me Brenna, R.D's daughter!! Today was my last day of 5Th grade! yay!!! At the end of the day, the results for voting for future predictions were in! Everyone was given three words that described them, and their classmates' predictions for the future! Now, can you guess what they said?

1. What three words (accumulative)do you think that classmates used to describe me?
A. funny, trustworthy, understanding
B. creative, smart, healthy
C. shy, kind, respectful
D. generous, energetic, flexible
E. playful, kind, silly

2. What do you think I was voted most likely to be?
A. author
B. doctor
C. singer
D. actress
E. talk show host

If you think you know the answers (based on what my dad has told you about me or if you know me) guess! the first person to get both right will be acknowledged in a future blog! or if no one gets it right, I will let you know!

**NOTE:  I had nothing to do with this one, but it's OK.  My own fault.  I had left the laptop on downstairs, logged-on to blogger, and went upstairs to take a nap.


Beth said...

First, congratulations on completing 5th grade! I used to teach middle school and 6th grade was my absolute favorite grade! If I could go back to my dream job, it would be as a 6th grade teacher. You are going to LOVE it!

Now on to the answers.

The answer to the first one is A or B. Hmmm... A or B.... I'm going to guess B. No make that A. No, no back to B. B is my final answer.

The second one is a little harder for me. You write well but that may be too obvious. You seem really entertaining. And your mom is a doctor, right? I'm going to go with D, the actress.

How did I do?

Employee No. 3699 said...

Okay Bren, as I’m fairly new to reading your dad’s blog I had to do a little research (i.e. scrolling through posts).

Number One is a toss up for me. I think it’s between A and B, but I’m going to go with B.

For Number Two I was going to go with Singer as you can carry a tune, unlike your father, and have the music genes from your Grandfather. But I’ve changed it to Actress. Yes, that is my final answer…I used a ‘lifeline’ by reading your post with 45 things about you.

I see I have the same answers as Beth, so I must be on track. Thanks for this post, Bren, and have fun in the sixth grade!

P.S. I love how in your ’45 Things About Me’ that you mention your dad has nasty feet!

Michelle said...


A Free Man said...

Way to take over Dad's blog Brenna! I have no idea how to answer the questions, I was never very good at multiple choice. But I reckon you should hijack Dad's blog more often. That will teach him to take a nap.

Kat said...

Good job on taking over Dads blog Bren! I am going to go with B and Singer. I am totally correct right?

steenky bee said...

Well, this is my first time here so I don't know Brenna too well, but I'm a guessing woman, so I'm going with D and E. Congrats on finishing the 5th grade Brenna! You're big time now!

Am I doing okay? said...

1) C
2) A

Reinvent Dad said...

Great job guys!!

The answers are: a, and e!!!

Crazy, Right???

P.S. a girl in my class got most likely to be a singer, and she hardly talks, let alone sing! hahaha

Grand Pooba said...

How cute to have your daughter post! If I had a daughter, I'd let her post. Actually, maybe I could get my dog to do a post for me, I've bet he's got a lot of interesting things to say.

Now, my guesses:

1. B?
2. A?

lizspin said...

Since this is my first time on your Dad's blog, I'm just guessin'

You are playful, kind and silly and are likely to be a talk show host!

I got it right, didn't I???

longge said...

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