Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Tuesday and 3/4

I just couldn't allow the clock to strike midnight before getting my next post written. I swear sometimes I get into one of those ruts that serve not only as a barrier to writing, but keep me far away from the blogosphere all together. This would be analogous to skipping missing a college course for a couple weeks and then desperately playing catch-up.

I do have an explanation for my time way. I was in Vegas baby! No, it wasn't for a weekend of all night Black Jack followed by drunken taxi rides to the nudie bar 5-cent video poker. I was with my family visiting my in-laws in nearby Henderson swimming in their new in ground swimming pool. The triplets and Bren Bren had a marvelous time, and we even celebrated Mom MD's 39th Birthday for the 3rd time.

Sunday's departure from the Vegas Zoo Airport was quite entertaining even for Sin City. The family had finally made it up to the check-in ticket counter when an agitated 20-something bimbo in like 10 inch stiletto heals whose "girls" were poised to make a most untriumphant appearance upset younger woman walked straight up to our ticket agent and began dropping the "f-bomb" like we were in a high school locker room using choice words to explain how the airlines had made a slight mistake affecting her immediate travel plans. All we adults could do was pray for security to take her down stare, but the triplets couldn't have cared a less, and all Bren could do was snicker.

Am I the only one who is disappointed in Facebook? Way too many gimmicks, quizzes, and adds. Who in the heck could have 200, 300 or 400+ friends? Maybe someone like Nancy Pelosi? Seriously, last time I checked I had about 125 and of those maybe 50 are a combination of relatives, close friends, high school/college classmates and former work colleagues...the remainder are friends of friends or friends of friends of friends. Yes, some of my friends are more Mom MD's friends say from med school or residency, but I knew them too. Mom MD actually "de-listed" someone from her Facebook account a couple weeks back. I'm way too chicken to do that.

Was anyone actually surprised by Adam Lambert's admission of his sexual orientation this week? Does anyone actually care? He is a fantastic singer/entertainer and I do predict that he will one day takeover lead singing duties for "Queen." Interesting!

Did I tell you that we now have season tickets to the worst team in the NBA? No, not the Clippers or even the Wizards. I'll give you a hint......the team name is somehow related to the word in quotations from the previous paragraph. Crazy isn't it, but like the stock market the goal is to buy low, sell high.

Triplet news......nothing much new, really. They still love to beat on each other, and they love to argue about who between the three of them will be a certain character in the TV show or movie that they are watching. For example, tonight I put on the lame human version of "Scooby Doo" so no freakin' surprise both girls wanted to be the lovely "Daphne." JuJu then proceeded to argue her point that Vivi should be "Velma" because she is "short and has glasses." Of course, lost to her is the fact that "Velma" is also the most intelligent and tends to solve the most mysteries.



Beth said...

You really do have this randomness down to a fine art. I'm with you on the Facebook frenzy. I log on once or twice a week just to read the silly things that people think are news worthy. As if I care that someone is bored or going to the grocery store. It just seems a little trivial. Make that a lot trivial. I keep wanting to post that I am about to go to the bathroom and other stupid things as such.

Hope the family had fun swimming in Vegas! Sounds like a blast!

msprimadonna67 said...

Hmmm...okay. Random comments on your random Tuesday post:

I have a really good friend who lives in Henderson. I miss her dearly!

Hope you and the fam had a fabulous Vegas trip.

Yes, I agree that Facebook's proliferation of dumb quizzes really trivializes what could be a cool site. That said, I am actually one of those people who has 600 friends. With the exeption of, say, ten of those friends, I personally know each and every one of them. That's what 19 years of former students looks like: ) (Plus, of course, my own former classmates, as well as family and current work friends.) I love to see what all my former students are up to. (Okay, so I don't need to know when they're going to the bathroom, or what their birth month 'reveals' about them, but still.)

Nope--I wasn't at all surprised that Adam says he's gay. I also don't care. I just want him to sing! Dude, that guy is GOOD!

That's it for now. Have a great day!

Oh--another random thought: I think you asked awhile back if I was related to the Santa Maria Lutjens. The answer is yes. Sort of. If I remember right, they are my ex-hubby's second cousins. I think I met some of them once fifteen years ago or so.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I so know what you mean about playing catch up on the blogosphere. I’ve had to do that a few times.

Last week I actually deleted my FaceBook account. I just found it to be a waste of my time.

Bee and Rose said...

Love your randomness! I have been missing from the stalking part of blogging for a few months now...it actually feels good to be back to it now!

Facebook....I am afraid of Facebook....I can't bring myself to commit....

Triplets...you are my hero...I can barely manage 2 kids that are 6 years apart! lol!

Reinvent Dad said...

Beth - swimming in Vegas was a blast. but the weather could have been warmer...same with here in No. Cal..feels more like March, than June....of course, my wife and I are now talking again about putting in a pool!

If you want to post about going to the bathroom, you might want to join Twitter!

Ms PMadonna67- I totally agree with you...FB was made for teachers. What an awesome way to keep up with your former (& current) students...and we can just ignore the quizzes, ads and junk.

Employee - Keeping up with the blogosphere IS tough...I can't believe that some people can do a blog each and every day.

Bee and Rose - Some people call FB "electronic crack"...so addictive...Yeah, the triplets can be a touch, but it's the 11-yr old that is the most "challenging" right now...to be continued :)