Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Chance Workout  

I bet no one saw this chicken wing coming.   I'm a huge "Biggest Loser" follower. What I mean is that I'm a fan of the show, not overweight.  I watch the peacock network at 8 P.M. (7 Central) every Tuesday.  I blame Mom MD for grabbing the rib and making me try it.  Often times, we'll order out, make mixed drinks and plant ourselves on the couch in anticipation of watching sadistic trainers working out the hungry contestants until they toss their cookies.  Oh yeah, and sometimes we pick up useful workout or eating tips.

Speaking of "Loser", today was my Last Chance Workout at Cal Fit prior to our childless Sunshine State vacation next week.  Mom MD and I had vowed to eat smarter in '09 which meant less drinking, no desserts, fewer carbs,  more fruits and veggies, etc.  In a nutshell, we'd make better food choices one meal at a time reducing calories and hopefully over time lose some poundage. 

Unfortunately, somewhere in between Valentine's chocolate and my birthday cake (had to buy that very tasty, but extremely large sheet cake from Costco for ONLY $16.99), we fell off the "eat smarter in '09" wagon.  Ouch, I swear it was like being hit on the melon and forgetting how to do everything!

Like the Last Chance Workout on "Loser" where the contestants huff, puff and nearly expire immediately before the final weigh-in for the week, I was at MY Last Chance Workout this morning prior to hitting Miami Beach in a couple days.  My hope was to melt away a couple pounds of butter  and maybe be closer to bathing suit worthy (OK, I've never been remotely close to bathing suit worthy even when I was a much younger cracker jack).

After I'd exhausted  every ounce of energy during my Last Chance Workout, I decided to hang out in the dry sauna for awhile and test my knowledge of TV on my IPOD'S IQUIZ trivia game. Speaking the hell did I know that Sophia from the "Golden Girls" was born in Cicily, but I didn't know the two dates on "Friends" when Chandler broke-up with Janice?   Anyway, after several trivia failures I decided to take a page out of Mom MD's book and do some sauna eavesdropping.

Two guys/One young lady (in their 20's) were discussing what they'd been up to lately including piercings, tattoos, and job prospects.  One guy mentioned that he was attending some type of paramedic school on Saturdays. What he said next almost made me choke on my gum, stop pretending to play Trivia and say something like what the f#$k? 

He said he hated needles (made him faint to get a shot) and couldn't stand the sight of blood (made him squeamish and practically faint to have blood drawn).  He then mentioned that he hoped to eventually get over it.  Uh, dude, young man or don't get over this stuff.....either you can handle it or you can not handle it....are you effen crazy?  R.E. Dad has the same issues.  Don't waste your time.  Teach or become a CPA.  Anything else.

I say this in all honesty....I probably would have gone into medicine (of some kind) had I NOT been like the young man in the sauna and of course been way more intelligent!  I'm not going to call him a "Loser" because he's trying to discover the right career path and perhaps I'm wrong & he will overcome his issues.  Good luck my young friend and hey at least you and your friends were bathing suit worthy!  Savour your youth.


Et tu, Don said...

Damon, I love that show too. I love to see people get their asses handed to them and the reward that they get. It's pretty inspiring.

A Free Man said...

My missus loves that show, but I just can't take anymore reality TV.

That conversation in the sauna, that's why I didn't go the medical (or even human genetics) route. I'm a botanist because plants don't bleed.

Maggie May said...

I stumbled here and read your profile and man! I feel you. We have three children and having a financial crisis is terrifying. I like your blog :)