Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Tuesday

Random Tuesday comes at the perfect time of the week. The adventures of the previous weekend still remain etched in your noodle and typically you're not too far into the week to have extreme mental fatigue. I truly wish that this was a typical week.

Last night or should I say early this "Random Tuesday" morning I experienced one of those overnight parental crises that we've all had to endure......being startled and awakened in the middle of the night (1:35 A.M. to be exact) by a child's crying, then retching, then the mad dash to the nearest bathroom with 20 feet feeling like 20 yards, then not quite making it, then holding the child's hair as she vomits and vomits and vomits....then the clean-up, then putting the child to bed with a waste basket and towels, and finally the paranoia that history would repeat itself very soon....it did again at 3:30A.M. followed by Bren's complaining of nausea and being extremely warm at 4:45A.M (I opened her window).....UGH and I had finally gone back to sleep and was having one of those cool college reunion-type dreams.

Yep, we've all been there, and thank heavens they're both feeling better today. Truly remarkable how much better kids seem to feel when you tell them that they can stay home from school...beats laughter as the best medicine.

So what are we doing today? I can tell you that we're not watching results of the California "Special" Elections....experience tells me that the 10 or so Californians heading to the polls today will shoot down anything resembling higher taxes. In Sacramento, NBA Kings fans are hoping for a lottery miracle so we get the #1 pick in June's draft.

Bren and I were just playing "Guess how old the cast members of TV's "Full House" are today?" I'm happy to report that I totally nailed it on Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Candace Cameron. Now I can take my dog and pony show on the road or get hired on by Six Flags as a weight, age and IQ guessing boy.

If you haven't fallen asleep already, have you ever noticed when you buy a "mixed bag" food item that invariably one item is rejected by your family and either you have to eat it or it gets thrown away? At our house, no one likes the new Honey Graham Z-BAR flavor. Ditto for Plain oatmeal in the Kirkland variety pack. Most despised of all from the chip bag....drum roll, please............FRITOS!

Finally, I've uncovered an inexpensive, calorie free reward system for the preschool set, and I'll pass it along to you free of charge (mostly as a thank you for surviving today's post). Kids go absolutely ga ga for music videos on Youtube, especially dance videos. In fact, I added "Groove is in the Heart" to my favorites this past weekend, and the triplets watched it over and over again....the heck with ice cream or frozen yogurt.....best reward to date and it didn't cost me a darn thing! Absolutely, Dee-Liteful!


Anonymous said...

Send your Fritos to me. We love to put chili and cheese on them, Frito pie. I remember the sick thing too well. Don't get me started.

Heather said...

Groove is in the heart is my favorite song. Seriously. Ever since it came out 100 years ago.

Employee No. 3699 said...

My grandson (age 7) loves watching YouTube. What he loves even more is making his own videos on my laptop.

Then, after he goes home, my husband and I get a good laugh watching them.

Badass Geek said...

That is a great song. Can't help but rock out to it.

JustJessie said...

My son recently stayed home from school for a WEEK with a stomach virus! He would feel great all day, but every night he would wake up barfing all over the place. I must have replaced his toothbrush three times, thinking he was over it!
You know what's better than music videoes on youtube? Uploading your kids dancing to youtube. My sons think they're famous every time we play their video!

A Free Man said...

Oh that vomiting thing. That truly sucks. Especially the dread of a repeat performance. I feel your pain.