Friday, October 3, 2008


"Isms" as defined by American Heritage Dictionary represent a "distinctive doctrine, system or theory." Our triplets although monumentally different in thought, word and deed, probably like many multiples, have a distinctive bond that differs from those of typical siblings. Perhaps, not a stronger bond, but an aura....a feeling that part of you is missing when the others are not around.

"Sick Julia" home today with dad has already inquired about the whereabouts of Alec and Vivi and wants to pick them up early today from preschool. As much as we'd like to pull them apart for individual mommy and daddy time, and as much as they think it's pretty cool, they resist. Why? I guess their relationship began earlier than most. Maybe "the love" began the first time in utero when Baby B (Julia) or Baby C, (Vivi) kicked upside down Baby A (Alec). Hence an approximate origin in the line of communication, albeit of the non-verbal (& not the kindest) variety......

In their early years outside the "friendly confines" of the womb, in a slightly larger space in the same bedroom, the triplets co-habitated in cribs. They cried, cooed and grunted. Alec even uttered a "huh huh" sound on occasion. One purpose was to let each other know that they were all still there and safe....sort of a perpetual "role call."

Fast forward to the present and the world of speech. Sometimes they just want to say "I'm here, and I am ok" or make a statement about their environment. Other times, talk leads to debate, and debate to a disagreement. My preference would be for them to just agree to disagree, but of course that's unrealistic in the world of four-year-olds.

Vivian is the queen of "one-liners." During Alec's spitting faze a few months back, we were all upstairs one morning and he asked if spitting was allowed inside the house. I said "NO." His retort was "how about outside?" I then said yes, but ONLY if you are outside all by yourself. Vivian chimed in and said "then NO Alec."

Another exchange between Vivi and Alec came at the dinner table. Vivian began to sing a song she learned in preschool. Alec decided he wanted to sing along. Unfortunately, Vivi favored a solo over a duet, and said "NO Alec, you can't sing with me." Alec then cried out to me "Daddy, Vivi isn't sharing songs."

Exchanges between Julia and other two is less frequent as she tends to be more independent, but she is always listening and "on call" if she's needed. She's the "mommy" of the three...definitely the sheepherder, nurturer, and leader. Alec is well......a boy.

The triplets interactions are exciting to watch at this age. They are extremely close and each has a distinct role within the trio. What I see is a powerful bond that will not allow itself to be compromised.

Now, I suppose when they're beating each other up over the bathroom in few years, it may be interesting to watch the exchange between the three if one were a fly on the wall, but not quite as cute..................stay tuned!

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