Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sacramento Kings and Family

Please do NOT laugh....promise? Ok, I'll tell you a secret. I'm a huge Sacramento Kings fan which means I'm deeply troubled one week before the 2008-2009 NBA season begins. I truly hope I'm mistaken, but I do not think so. I'm predicting the Kings will win no more than 25 games (that's a record of 25-57). Yikes!

Again, please tell me if you think I'm way off base, but sans Ron Artest, with only K-Mart as a proven scorer...they simply don't come close to matching up with the vast majority of NBA teams. Why do some teams have THREE legitimate stars? After Kevin Martin we have Brad Miller (suspended for the first five games for smoking doobage), John Salmons (scoring option #2, but never been a starter for an entire season), and Beno Udrih (yeah who?, and he's usually injured anyway). Welcome back Bobby J!

I have to admit I so badly wanted to build a case with Amy for season tickets. Why not, the Kings sales office presented so many packages for purchase with some good perks. In the end, however, why pay anything for an inferior product or service? Even if you get a deal why put yourself through the agony of defeat after defeat. I'd rather go watch high school b-ball.

I suppose you're asking why am I discussing sports on a family blog? The answer is that sports (and my teams) are an escape from the craziness of daily living. I'm very curious to see which (if any) of the triplets will share the sports addiction. I've already come to the realization that short of hypnosis or a miraculous turnaround, dearest Brenna will not see the inside of a gymnasium, stadium or arena unless Miley Cyrus is in the house.

I hope I'm wrong about the Kings. In fact should they win the championship this season, I'll create and wear a custom t-shirt to the victory parade stating what a big idiot I am and I'm not worthy of a $10 Arco beer for doubting their abilities. HMMM, perhaps for kicks I'll begin designing THAT shirt tomorrow!

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