Monday, May 17, 2010

What bugs me a whole hellava lot!

Danger! Possible R.E. Dad rant coming.

OK, I thought I was over giving a crapola with regards to the beliefs and actions of acquaintances, neighbors, friends and even strangers. After all what individuals do with their own time and moola shouldn't concern me. Not my biz. Shoulder shrug. Whatever man. Go ahead, water your freakin' lawn in the rain. See if I care?!

I ain't perfect. Apparently, neither is my grammar. I've made lapses in judgement and done 'stuff' I would never tell your grandmothers (mine are both deceased), let alone my best friend. I believe it's in John 8 of the Bible that states "he who is without sin among you, let him toss the first stone.."

I've sinned and if I were Catholic, I'd probably have done a few hundred "hail marys" in my lifetime. My moral compass doesn't always point me in the right direction, but I'm making an effort. Seriously...believe me!

What's been bugging me a whole hellava lot lately? This whole B.S. about strategic foreclosures. You know when an individual can make his freakin' mortgage payment, but chooses not to. Just go belly up baby. Better yet dude or dudette, walk away you're just sticking it to the lender man who misled you in the first place.

I understand underwater mortgages. Trust me. I understand unforeseen circumstances beyond one's control (e.g. death, divorce) might necessitate default. Believe me.

Has America Lost Its Moral Compass? Honestly, I'd be embarrassed to tell someone that I intentionally defaulted on a loan that I could pay. I shook a hand. I signed a contract. No excuses. Rationalize it all you want. Seriously, I could rationalize that medicinal marijuana works well for helping my mood swings during male PMS.

As Mom MD might say "really? really!"

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shrink on the couch said...

And people who run up huge credit card debt and then decide to walk away from it. I'll ask, "What did you put on those cards?" And they'll answer, "Oh just dinners out at restaurants, clothes, vacations."

p.s. the word verification just now is "relly" .. it's as if they've been reading your post!