Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful Brenna!

Mom MD mentioned that part of my job as an at-home Dad was to blog . So I'll attempt to keep it going.

Today, however, I wanted to wish a Happy 12th Birthday to my wonderful bright and soon-to-be teenage daughter, Bren Bren.

Your family loves you lots...R.E. Dad.

P.S. The treadmill is coming very soon!!!!!!!


Horse Lova said...

awe!! happy late birthday girl i dont know!! :) haha, nice to see a gorgeous smile once in a while!! (lolz, yes i was just a poet) :D <3

Living it up said...

Happy birthday and might I add props to you dad for doing such a good job at work, yes parenting is a full time job!

Unknown said...

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elsoƱador said...

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Tika Nurmala said...

happy birthday brenna......!!!