Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent happenings and Facebook is "Electronic Crack"

I refuse to let a whole week pass by without adding at least a little something to my blog. After such a creative, well thought-out and researched entry like "The Melman", I honestly believed that I couldn't get much higher. I'm kidding, of course. In fact the other day I read an incredible entry by A Free Man that discussed human evolution and theories as to why the modern human survived and the Neanderthal perished. The two actually co-existed in Europe for a few thousand years. Weren't the Neanderthal greater in stature with larger cranial capacity?

Other updates include....

Career: I've been "at home" now for a year and a half. I received a call a few weeks back from my former supervisor back East who said that the company is interested in bringing in additional underwriters to work from home as volume has increased substantially in recent months. She didn't have all the details, but asked that I submit my resume (which I have done). This would be a full-time/temporary position....I'll keep you updated, but this would be a major change.

Personal: I'm still married to Mom MD. Bren remains the sweet, but sassy almost 11-year old who recently taught herself how to ride a bike, and is now rehearsing for the school play "Aladdin." The triplets bring us so much joy. They are at a fantastic age and we will be registering them for Kindergarten in two weeks!

Fun: Mom MD and I went to the Sacramento Kings game last Friday and had a fantastic time watching the Kings retire Chris Webber's #4! Low expectations for the current team...they played well, but LOST....no worries, just positioning themselves for a low lottery pick in June!

Neighborhood: It appears that our gay neighbors were victims of a hate crime. Some jackass poured some type of noxious chemical over a large portion of their front lawn. Haz mat came to investigate as the fumes were terrible. This is sick and inexcusable.

Electronic crack: Facebook IS "Electronic Crack" as often stated by a friend. You simply can't help yourself whether searching for a friend, uploading new pictures, chatting or joining a new group. In fact I've gone back to FB at least four times since the beginning of this entry. The fun never ends!

That is all......now back to Facebook.


cw2smom said...

Oh I hope your job comes through for you! How exciting! And...how exciting for your up and coming Broadway star! How fun! Hate crimes! Arrrgggghhh! How can anyone do such a thing? Karma. It's going to bite them in the rear. Hard. Facebook....I just did one at the request of my oldest daughter and my man friend. It's fun, but I think I still like my MySpace better. I am not so sure I like all the Facebook exposure. Take care, Lisa

Michelle said...

I have tried getting into facebook. I just can't do it. I have reunited with a bunch of old friends on there but I still can't get into it.

Kat said...

I love me some facebook. Oh and Wordless Wed seem to be a bloggy tradition, I just have fell into it lately because I have had little material lately.

A Free Man said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my Neanderthal post! It is disgusting about your neighbors. I assume you're in California - based on the Kings game - it surprises me that sort of stuff happens out there. Alabama, sure, but not California.

As for Facebook, I just have to stay away these days!

Unknown said...

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