Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's mix it up a bit - a controversial topic.

Debate over California's Prop 8 which amended the California constitution to define marriage between a man and a woman continues to rage and thus polarize citizens of the "Golden State." The Sacramento Bee had an article this A.M. about a proposed bill that would recognize gay marriages from other states.

As some of you know, I lean to the right both fiscally and socially. I don't believe one can be fiscally conservative, but socially moderate. I also realize that it isn't chic to champion conservatism, but I decided to comment anyway.........

"Doesn't tolerance and acceptance of gay marriage fall into the belief of Federalism? Beneath federal laws (enumerated powers) each state comprised of various groups of people has the authority to determine the will of the majority based on beliefs, values, etc. Therefore, if you're offended by smoking, don't live in North Carolina. If you hate paying more taxes live in Nevada, Florida, New Hampshire, etc. If you are repulsed by the death penalty, don't live in Texas. If you hate farmers don't live in North Dakota. If you love to drive fast live in Montana.

My point? You have a choice to live in ANY state that you choose keeping in mind that every state is unique, has different customs, demographics, and laws. Just like I wouldn't go to Alaska and ask fisherman to stop fishing or move to Nevada and expect the gaming industry to end gaming...I wouldn't move from Massachussetts to California and expect Californians to change what the majority BELIEVES IN and that is marriage between a woman and a man."


Kat said...

Way to stick your neck out on the issue.

Krystal said...

Well, I'm not conservative at all but this is one issue where I am with you all the way 1000% Way to go!!