Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Canker Sores and Home Run calls

Like March, I'm off to yet another painfully slow start in April. Gees, it's April 8th for pity sake. I had EIGHTEEN entries in January...a true R.E. Dad record. Like the single season baseball home run record, I don't believe this mark will ever be surpassed (at least in my lifetime, haha). I'd have to be "juiced" and literally chained to the laptop to cram so many entries into ANY 30-day period. Where have I gone? What am I doing?

On the downside, I'm nursing some nasty canker sores. ...yeah yeah, too much information as I've been told on Facebook, but at least I didn't post any pics of myself. In case you or a loved one has had canker sores and you have no idea how you get them or what they even look like, I have attached additional information.

On the upside, I just finished Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" which I found fascinating yet frightening. I won't preach, but bottom much civil liberty are we willing to give up to fund ever-expanding federal government programs? Yes Mom MD, I've been sneaking off and listening to Sirius XM channel 166 again.

Switching stations, baseball season '09 has officially begun and yes the Seattle Mariners are still in the pennant race. I'm praying that my team, the St. Louis Cardinals can somehow find a closer...I mean 27 blown saves in 2008, NOT acceptable. Put another way, even if they ONLY blew half those games, they would have won the NL Central. Well, at least I have Hanley Ramirez on my Yahoo Fantasy team!!!

Speaking of baseball....have you ever wondered if you were a baseball radio announcer what your "Home Run Call" would be? In case you're wondering "Elvis has left the building" has been taken. Here are a few that I would consider using...

"Here's the pitch....swing and a high drive to deep (left, right or center) field.....way back....and *with an elevated booming voice*

  1. Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat has smashed da Fiddle!
  2. Duck, duck, duck, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!
  3. Knock knock! Who's there? ... Nick Nack Paddy Whack...we got ourselves a Run!
  4. Oh praise heavens, it's raining kitties and puppies...the drought is O-Ver!
  5. Order me a Gin and Tonic....Happy Hour has arrived early!
  6. Thank YOU Easter Bunny!
  7. Get a note to THAT ball's Mom, he ain't EVER coming back!

One final observation. Am I the only one who is noticing that coffee shops and fast food restaurants aren't taking any bills higher than $20? Twenty years ago, you could withdrawal $20 from the ATM and go bar hopping the entire night (this included a trip to Taco Bell on the way home). Fast forward to '09. If the forties are consider the new twenties, then in terms of currency, isn't $50 the new $20? Out.


Casey said...

Sorry about the canker sores, those are terrible from what I hear.

I had a Dunkin Donuts manager refuse to take my $20 once since she didn't have change. She wasn't nice about it either, grr.

A Free Man said...

I listened to Mark Levin for the first time yesterday. Like a lot of right wing talkers he does himself a disservice by resorting to name calling and crazy anger rather than a reasoned monologue. I'm a committed liberal, but I like to hear the other side. But guys like Levin and Savage make the other side look angry and hateful.

phd in yogurtry said...

I have a long history with canker sores so you have my sympathies. They are ornery little suckers. Have you tried the oral rinse that (I hear) is available at drugstores? I have a sample I'm waiting to try.