Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wonderful thing about Triplets!

Didn't someone once say "The Wonderful thing about triplets is triplets are wonderful things?" No, I'm mistaken. This was used to describe Disney's Tigger. I'm not the greatest Disney fan on Earth or even in California, but I've always had an affinity for the bouncing friend of Pooh, Christopher Robin, and company.

Tigger often reminds me of our triplets. He's outgoing, cheerful and confident (sometimes to his own detriment), but remains a loyal friend and ally. Alec, Julia and Vivian have such a bond. They consistently "stick up" for one another even though the other triplet might be in the wrong.

A, J & V entered the world on June 3, 2004 via C-Section. Born in the evening at 7:10, 7:11 and 7:12, mommy had held them off as long as she could! If they had been a singleton, they would have simply been six weeks early, but as multiples at 34 weeks and change with birth weights all above 4 lbs, one could not ask for anything more. We counted our blessings.

Well, I suppose I could re-hash the early infant/baby months where we made 12 bottles every morning. I recently calculated via that the trips used approximately 18,000 diapers the first three years at a cost of almost $3,000.  Wow, thank heavens the $500 trips to Costco are over!

Fast forward to age 4. The trips are typical and appropriate for their age. Sure they argue, fight and throw an occasional punch, but they truly care about each other.  Unfortunately, we're to the point of feeling guilty when we separate them. How will we handle Kindergarten next year? Will our school want to split them up or keep them together?

Right now I'm just enjoying watching them explore their world.....bouncing about happily, thoughtfully and with confidence much like Tigger.

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